Priest Services
Sriman Ubhaya Vedanta Venugopala Swami Gattu will be available to perform any kind of religious rituals in NW Arkansas. For more details,

Register your details in Priest Services registration and CallĀ  (479) 259-2593 or e-mail atĀ with the below details
Name , Contact phone# & email id, Ritual name, Where to perform the ritual, at Temple or home?

Priest will not be available for private poojas during Temple opening hours. Please abide by the Temple rules. Do not call this number for any other inquiries other than Priest Services.

Our temple runs on Volunteerism and we always appreciate and respect their time and efforts. For any other inquiries, please email

Events Devotee Charge
At Home/NWA Area At Temple
Abhishekam (Individual Private - 1 Diety, $50 extra for each addition) $151 $101
Annaprasanam (Baby's 1st Feeding) $101 $51
Chaula Karma (Hair Offering) $101 $51
Gruhapravesam (House Warming) $251 NA
Kalyana Utsavam(Add $50 extra for each additional kalyanam) $201 $151
Naamakaranam (Naming Ceremony) $101 $51
Nischithaartham (Engagement) $201 $151
Punyahavachanam (Purification Ceremony) $101 NA
Shastyabdha Purthi (60th B'day) $351 $251
Shatabhishekam (80th B'day) $351 $251
Sri Satyanarayana Pooja (Private) $151 $121
Seemantham / Baby Shower $201 $151
Paarayana (Sundarakaanda,erc.,) $151 $101
Upanayanam w/ Havan $351 $251
Vidhyaarambham (Begin Child's Education) $101 $51
Vivaaham (Wedding) $501 $351
Hiranya Shraddham (Annual Ancestral Rites) $101 NA
Shraddham with Homam $201 NA
Yearly Thread Ceremony (Avani Avittam) $151 $31
Homam/Havan (Ganesha, etc.) - Add $50 for additional Homams $151 $121
Aayush Homam $300 $200
Miscellaneous Services at Temple only
Archana- Astoththaram NA $11
Archana- Sahasranaama NA $51
Abhishekam(Temple-Scheduled- Sponsor) NA $31
Community Hall (Old House Per Hour) NA **
Special Mantra Chanting(Aditya Hrudhayam,etc.,) NA $31
Sponsor with Pushpaalankarana(Flower Decoration) NA $101
Sri Satyanarayana Pooja (Group) NA $51
Vahana Pooja NA $31

NA - Not Applicable, ** - Email : for rental charge details

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News & Events
~ Sankatahara chaturdhi Tuesday,April 3rd 6:45PM

~ Pradosham Friday,April 13th 6:45PM

~ Tamil New Year Saturday,April 14th

~ Akshaya Truteeya Wednesday,April 18th 7:00 PM

~ Adisankara Jayanti Friday,April 20th 7:00 PM

~ Ramanuja Jayanti Saturday, April 21st 5:30 PM

~ Ekadasi ,Krishna Abhishekam Wednesday, April 25th 6:45 PM

~ Narasimha Jayanti Saturday ,April 28th 5:30 PM

~ Full Moon Katha Sunday ,April 29th 6:45 PM

~ Vishnu Sahasarnama every Saturday at 5:30PM

~ Shirdi Sai Aarti and Bhajans every Thursday at 7:00PM

~ Satya Narayana Pooja on Full Moon days at 6:30PM

~ Community Bhajans Every 3rd Friday

~ Sankatahara Chaturdi Thursday, Aug 10th, 6:45 PM

~ Temple 5th Anniversary Celebrations Saturday, Aug 12th

~ Temple 5th Anniversary Celebrations; Geetha Stoopa Ground breaking Ceremony Sunday, Aug 13th

~ Pradosham Sunday April 23rd, 6.45 PM

~ Adi Sankara and Ramanuja Jayanti Sunday April 30th, 6:00 PM

~ Akshaya Truteeya Friday April 28th, 7:00 PM

~ Karthika Somavaram(Monday) Nov 21th, 6:45PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi Ganesha Abhishekam Nov 17th

~ Karthika Somavaram(Monday) Nov 28th, 6:45PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi 7th Dec Thursday 6.45 PM

~ Vaikunta Ekadasi & Srinivasa Kalyana Mahotsavam Jan 8th ,6:00 AM

~ Full moon Katha and Arudra Darsanam Jan 11th, 6:45PM

~ Bhogi, Andal Kalyanam Jan 13th

~ Sakala Kala Samarpana - HANWA Musical Event Jan 14th 10:00 AM

~ Sankranti, Ayyappa pooja Jan 14th

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi Ganesha Abhishekam Jan 15th

~ Krishna Janmashtamee Monday, Aug 14th 8:00 PM

~ Pradosham Saturday, Aug 19th 6:45 PM

~ Narasimha Jayanti Monday, May 8th; 7:30 PM

~ Hanuman Jayanti Saturday, May20th 6:00 PM

~ Vijaya Dasami (Dasara) Celebrations 29th September Friday

~ Full moon Feb 10th

~ Satyanarayana Pooja: 23rd Jan, Sat @ 06:30 PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi 21st August Sunday

~ Pradosham 29th August Monday

~ Monthly Havan 30th Jan, Sat, 6:30 pm

~ Akshaya Truteeya Friday April 28th, 7:00 PM

Temple Hours

Monday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Tuesday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Wednesday 6PM to 8:00PM
Thursday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00 PM
Friday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Saturday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:00PM
Sunday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:00PM

Priest is off on Wednesdays

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