Temple Management

Officers and Board of Directors

Officers Directors
President: Khadar Reddy Anirudh Marathe
Vice President: Raghunath Seeram Harinath Rao Kandhukuri
Secretary: Sudha Umashankar Ram Mallapally
Treasurer: Sunil Garimella RamanaMurthy Bagadi
Ravikumar Kandasamy

HANWA Board Election OATH
We, the newly elected Board members take an Oath before the Lord and the Community to hold responsibility and accountability to perform the duties on HANWA Board with integrity, humility and devotion. We will tread on the right path chosen by the Lord and we thus ask for immense support from the Community and we promise to live up to your trust and confidence.

Phone #: 479·464·8600    Contact HANWA BOD AT BOD@NWAHINDUTEMPLE.ORG

HANWA Bylaw Statement
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News & Events
~ Full Moon Katha and Holi Festival Thursday,March 1st 6:45 PM

~ Sankatahara chaturdhi Sunday,March 4th 6:45PM

~ Pradosham Wednesday,March 14th 6:45PM

~ Ugadi;Gudi Padwa Sunday,March 18th 5:30PM

~ Sriramanavami Sunday,March 25th 10:30AM

~ Ekadasi-Krishna Abhishekam Tuesday,March 27th 6:45 PM

~ Full Moon Katha Friday,March 30th 6:45 PM

~ Hanuman Jayanthi Saturday,March 31st 6:30 PM

~ Vishnu Sahasarnama every Saturday at 5:30PM

~ Shirdi Sai Aarti and Bhajans every Thursday at 7:00PM

~ Satya Narayana Pooja on Full Moon days at 6:30PM

~ Community Bhajans Every 3rd Friday

Temple Hours

Monday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Tuesday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Wednesday 6PM to 8:30PM
Thursday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Friday 7AM to 9AM & 6PM to 8:30PM
Saturday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:30PM
Sunday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:30PM

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