Sponsorship Facility
The board of the Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas has exciting programs to recognize and honor donors of the temple construction in NW Arkansas. We would like to thank every one of your continued dedication and the support in having a Hindu temple here, without which we could not have made such rapid progress. Each Deity sponsor will be recognized by having sponsor’s name listed on the plaque that would be located in the temple lobby, and their names will be listed alphabetically and grouped depending on their level of contribution in the following manner.

$50,001 and above $20,001 and $50,000
$15,001 and $20,000 $10,001 and $15,000
$5001 and $10,000 $2,501 and $5,000

The contribution made will be used in the construction and maintenance of the temple and related facilities. If full payment is not received by the time specified below, the temple Board at its discretion will designate a program that matches the contribution or it goes to general donation.

You and Your family can also sponsor various temple-related expenses for a month under "Monthly Sponsor Scheme" and help cut down temple operational costs. You will be the Proud 'Sponsors of the Month' and your name will be displayed in the temple bulletin board.

  Project Contribution Contribution for Sponsor Payment Options
Sree Krishna Deity$10001Within 1 Year
Sree Shiva Deity$5001Within 1 Year
Sree Venkateswara Deity$5001Within 1 Year
Temple Prayer Hall$5001Within 1 Year
Sree Durga Deity$2501Within 1 Year
Sree Ganesha Deity$2501Within 1 Year
Sree Lakshmi Deity$2501Within 1 Year
Annual Paripoorna Seva Sponsorship$1501Full Payment
Annual Ekantha Seva Sponsorship$1001Full Payment
Annual Satya Narayana Pooja Sponsorship$501Full Payment
Annual Havan/Homom Sponsorship$501Full Payment
Annual Ekadesi Sponsorship$301Full Payment
Annual Pradosham Sponsorship$301Full Payment
Annual Sankata Hara Chaturthi Sponsorship$301Full Payment
Annual Nithya Pooja Sponsorship$251Full Payment
Monthly Utility Sponsor$501Full Payment
Monthly Cleaning and Maintenance Sponsor$301Full Payment
Monthly Pooja items Sponsor$251Full Payment
Monthly Flowers Sponsor$201Full Payment
Monthly Temple Garden-Lawn Care Sponsor$151Full Payment
Monthly Fruits and Milk Sponsor$121Full Payment
Monthly Supplies Sponsor$121Full Payment
Monthly Prashad Sponsor$101Full Payment
Monthly Telephone/Internet Sponsor$75Full Payment
Monthly Security Sponsor$75Full Payment
Monthly Dry cleaning Sponsor$51Full Payment
Other donations

Please contribute generously and help us have a strong financial foundation for our temple. We want to pay the loan off in a short span of time thus saving Interest dollars. Please make your checks payable to HANWA and complete this form and mail it to the above Mailing address.You can also enhance your sponsorship to a higher sponsorship by paying the difference.

Bring Mathura to Arkansas Project:
• Easy monthly payment/auto & payroll deduct options/Credit/Debit Card Payments are also available.
• A Plaque will display names of the Deity* sponsors in the temple lobby.
• All Donations are Tax Deductible. All checks should be made payable to HANWA

News & Events
~ Sankatahara chaturdhi Tuesday,April 3rd 6:45PM

~ Pradosham Friday,April 13th 6:45PM

~ Tamil New Year Saturday,April 14th

~ Akshaya Truteeya Wednesday,April 18th 7:00 PM

~ Adisankara Jayanti Friday,April 20th 7:00 PM

~ Ramanuja Jayanti Saturday, April 21st 5:30 PM

~ Ekadasi ,Krishna Abhishekam Wednesday, April 25th 6:45 PM

~ Narasimha Jayanti Saturday ,April 28th 5:30 PM

~ Full Moon Katha Sunday ,April 29th 6:45 PM

~ Vishnu Sahasarnama every Saturday at 5:30PM

~ Shirdi Sai Aarti and Bhajans every Thursday at 7:00PM

~ Satya Narayana Pooja on Full Moon days at 6:30PM

~ Community Bhajans Every 3rd Friday

~ Sankatahara Chaturdi Thursday, Aug 10th, 6:45 PM

~ Temple 5th Anniversary Celebrations Saturday, Aug 12th

~ Temple 5th Anniversary Celebrations; Geetha Stoopa Ground breaking Ceremony Sunday, Aug 13th

~ Pradosham Sunday April 23rd, 6.45 PM

~ Adi Sankara and Ramanuja Jayanti Sunday April 30th, 6:00 PM

~ Akshaya Truteeya Friday April 28th, 7:00 PM

~ Karthika Somavaram(Monday) Nov 21th, 6:45PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi Ganesha Abhishekam Nov 17th

~ Karthika Somavaram(Monday) Nov 28th, 6:45PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi 7th Dec Thursday 6.45 PM

~ Vaikunta Ekadasi & Srinivasa Kalyana Mahotsavam Jan 8th ,6:00 AM

~ Full moon Katha and Arudra Darsanam Jan 11th, 6:45PM

~ Bhogi, Andal Kalyanam Jan 13th

~ Sakala Kala Samarpana - HANWA Musical Event Jan 14th 10:00 AM

~ Sankranti, Ayyappa pooja Jan 14th

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi Ganesha Abhishekam Jan 15th

~ Krishna Janmashtamee Monday, Aug 14th 8:00 PM

~ Pradosham Saturday, Aug 19th 6:45 PM

~ Narasimha Jayanti Monday, May 8th; 7:30 PM

~ Hanuman Jayanti Saturday, May20th 6:00 PM

~ Vijaya Dasami (Dasara) Celebrations 29th September Friday

~ Full moon Feb 10th

~ Satyanarayana Pooja: 23rd Jan, Sat @ 06:30 PM

~ Sankatahara Chaturdhi 21st August Sunday

~ Pradosham 29th August Monday

~ Monthly Havan 30th Jan, Sat, 6:30 pm

~ Akshaya Truteeya Friday April 28th, 7:00 PM

Temple Hours

Monday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Tuesday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Wednesday 6PM to 8:00PM
Thursday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00 PM
Friday 10AM to 12PM & 6PM to 8:00PM
Saturday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:00PM
Sunday 10AM to 1PM & 5PM to 8:00PM

Vishnu Sahasarnama: All Saturday at 5:30PM

Priest is off on Wednesdays

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